heya, i'm fen (she/her). I created this site a while ago with the intention of it being my main place for blogs and such, but ended up finding out
about gemini (click here if you don't know) recently and have started posting exclusively on there. i'll keep this up incase I decide I want to torture myself and run 2 entirely separate spaces with the same content, but until then, you can find me here.

also, I apologize if the site is a bit broken on mobile. it's very much optimized for desktop, and i'm not really interested in changing that.

my many split personalities

[ anilist | twitter | gitlab | itch.io | gemini capsule ]


❤️ takuroop, my lovely fiancée ❤️

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site changelog

03/12/2022 - say hello to opossum.digital, my own personal host! also added some buttons
03/07/2022 - added link to my gemini capsule, changed the site banner, consolidated to 1 page
03/05/2022 - I made the header universal on every page, so I don't have to update every individual page when I need to change the header!

fat nuts 2022 let's fucking gooooo!!!!